Steadybit Unveils the "Explorer": Revolutionizing Chaos Engineering with Enhanced Visibility and Sense-Making

Sep 29, 2023

Solingen, Germany — Today, Steadybit proudly announces the launch of its newest feature, Explorer. Designed with the needs of the modern DevOps and SRE teams in mind, Explorer aims to simplify and demystify the process of Chaos Engineering by guiding users in their journey through system landscapes.

Addressing a Growing Need

System reliability is a top priority for organizations worldwide. However, identifying vulnerabilities in an ever-evolving infrastructure maze can be daunting. Traditional methods may leave teams overwhelmed with where to begin their Chaos Engineering experiments. This is where Explorer comes into play.

Introducing the Landscape Explorer

Built upon Steadybit's robust target discovery foundation, the Landscape Explorer provides an intuitive visual overview of infrastructure components, making navigating and preparing for Chaos Engineering experiments easier.

With a default view that showcases a detailed Kubernetes Cluster map, users can instantly understand their cluster's architecture better than long tables provided by other tools. Furthermore, the ability to customize this view by filtering, grouping, sizing, and coloring by various attribute values provides unparalleled insights for planning Chaos Engineering endeavors.

Real-World Use Cases

The Landscape Explorer provides actionable insights, from identifying which deployments run across multiple availability zones to pinpointing business-critical components. It aids in recognizing infrastructure components that need attention, whether that's migration to a new container runtime or introducing additional levels of redundancy.

“The Landscape Explorer is a great tool to view the cloud resources in your account and within the Kubernetes clusters. The interactive visualization, table view, and capability to explore with filters is great.” - Krishna Palati, Director of Software Development at

Extend and Enrich

The power of Explorer is wider than what Steadybit provides out of the box. Organizations can easily extend Steadybit's capabilities by utilizing Extension Kits, enriching target data for more detailed exploration.

Feature Highlights:

In-depth Insights: Beyond presenting data, the Explorer offers a transformative experience by providing customizable visual maps. These aren't mere illustrations but intelligent guides tailored to illuminate the path forward. Users can now navigate their complex system landscapes with clarity, receiving invaluable guidance on which Chaos Engineering experiments will deliver the most impactful insights next. This feature simplifies decision-making and maximizes the value derived from each experiment.

Automatic Discovery: Its pioneering Automatic Discovery feature is central to Steadybit's promise of streamlined Chaos Engineering. This isn't just a tool; it's a vision that recognizes the intricate nature of modern infrastructures. By automatically and continuously discovering and describing infrastructure components, Steadybit empowers teams to conduct their experiments with unprecedented precision. With the new Landscape Explorer, users can visually identify relevant targets, resulting in effective and accurate experiments.

Open-Source Integration:
Steadybit invites the global developer community to contribute, refine, and innovate. This open ethos ensures that the Landscape Explorer will continuously evolve, driven not just by Steadybit's expertise but also by the collective wisdom of the wider tech community.

Future Roadmap: Steadybit is committed to continuous improvement, with plans to expand the Landscape Explorer based on user feedback. Options under consideration include integrating existing Weakspots and adding more data points like configured teams, environments, and targets not covered by experiments.

For a detailed walkthrough of the Explorer and to dive deep into its capabilities, please check out Steadybit's blog post: Launching Explorer: Your Companion on the Chaos Engineering Journey.

About Steadybit
Steadybit offers cutting-edge solutions for Chaos Engineering, helping organizations reveal vulnerabilities in their systems and improve reliability. With a focus on user experience and actionable insights, Steadybit is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for DevOps and SRE teams worldwide.