Steadybit Reveals Pivotal Kubernetes Enhancements in Chaos Engineering

Steadybit Reveals Pivotal Kubernetes Enhancements in Chaos Engineering

Steadybit Reveals Pivotal Kubernetes Enhancements in Chaos Engineering





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Reliability is the cornerstone of user satisfaction in today's world. At Steadybit, we understand the critical nature of this reliability, especially in Kubernetes clusters widely adopted across organizations. We're excited to announce our latest suite of enhancements, designed to empower users to detect and remediate potential risks in their Kubernetes environments proactively.

Advanced Discovery and Failure Injection: A Game-Changer for Kubernetes

Our team at Steadybit, renowned for modernizing Chaos Engineering, is proud to introduce a significant expansion of our Kubernetes support. The latest update spotlights advanced discovery features and innovative failure injection methods, reaffirming our commitment to delivering an extensible, user-friendly, and safe Chaos Engineering experience.

Key Enhancements Include:

  1. Enhanced Kubernetes Workload Resource Discovery: Delve deeper into your Kubernetes ecosystem with our improved discovery capabilities. Now, you can effortlessly navigate and manage nodes, pods, StatefulSets, and DaemonSets.

  2. Robust Attack Capabilities: Elevate your testing with our new attack options. Simulate real-world scenarios by deleting multiple pods, tainting or draining nodes, or inducing CrashLoopBackOff in pods.

You can find more details in the Reliability Hub.

"Steadybit is dedicated to fortifying Kubernetes support.
These updates are improvements and transformative tools that enable teams
to rigorously test their Kubernetes deployments under real-world conditions.
It's about building resilience and ensuring peak performance,"
*Nils Wloka, CPTO of Steadybit*

Seamless Integration and Extended Capabilities

Our new features are meticulously designed to integrate effortlessly into Steadybit's existing Chaos Engineering platform. Complementing our pre-existing failure injections, these enhancements offer a comprehensive toolkit for Kubernetes resilience testing.

  • Live Kubernetes Event Logs: Gain immediate insights with real-time visibility, simplifying diagnostics during tests.

  • Extended Platform Support: Our Chaos Engineering prowess goes beyond Kubernetes, encompassing public cloud vendors (AWS, Azure, GCP) and API middleware like Kong and Istio.

  • Enhanced Landscape Explorer Integration: Visualize your system infrastructure more effectively with the latest enhancements to our Landscape Explorer.

Continuously Looking Forward

Steadybit continues to push the boundaries of Chaos Engineering, now offering an even more robust and versatile platform for Kubernetes environments. Embrace these new capabilities and join us in our journey towards a more resilient digital future.