Meet Advice: Your New Chaos Engineering Sidekick

Meet Advice: Your New Chaos Engineering Sidekick

Meet Advice: Your New Chaos Engineering Sidekick

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Let us introduce you to our newest (and super exciting) brainchild at Steadybit: Advice. It's like having a wise guru in your toolkit.

Why Advice is Like Your Cool Tech Buddy

Imagine having a friend who's always got your back in the chaotic world of software reliability. That's Advice for you. Born from our 'Weakspots' feature, consider this the companion in your Chaos Engineering journey. Open-source? Check. Customizable? Absolutely. Easy entrance to your first Chaos Engineering experiments? You bet!

Advice in the Wild

Enter the Steadybit Explorer, where Advice comes to life. Imagine this as your command center. With a few clicks, you can see all the Advice tailored to your system. You can also filter for specific Advice and check which experiment would be perfect to continue the Chaos Engineering journey. It's like having a personal assistant who's really into chaos engineering.

Steadybit Explorer giving you Advice on where to continue your Chaos Engineering journey

The Three Musketeers of Advice

Let's break down Advice's lifecycle stages, shall we?

  1. Action Needed: It's like Advice nudges you and says, "Psst, your Kubernetes setup could use a bit of a tweak." It doesn't just point out issues; it tells you why it's a big deal and walks you through fixing it. Let's say you've missed to schedule your redundancy across multiple nodes or availability zones - that would result in a feigned reliability. Or your Kubernetes resources are missing liveness and readiness probe - that makes it hard to load-balance probably. Steadybit will identify these opportunities for tweaking automatically and give support in fixing it.

Advice on needing action to schedule a Kubernetes deployment across multiple AWS Availability Zones.

2. Validation Needed: Think of it as the test drive after a tune-up. You've made changes, and now Advice is like that friend who double-checks everything to ensure smooth sailing. Just create and run one of the suggested experiments to ensure your tweaked configuration is really working as expected.

Chaos Engineering Experiment, suggested by an Advice, to validate working load-balancing in case of an AWS Zone Outage.
  1. Implemented: High five! Your systems are not just up-to-date; they're rock solid. But keep your eyes peeled, as reliable systems never sleep, and neither does Advice.

Join the Open-Source Party

Advice isn't just ours; it's yours too. With its open-source DNA, you can add your magic, tweak it, and share it. This allows you to check also for company-specific reliability patterns or decide which Advice isn't matching your context. See our Reliability Hub for an overview of supported Advice and our AdviceKit for more info how to start contributing.

Blasting Off!

So, there you have it. Advice is your newest partner in your chaos engineering journey. It's fun, it's insightful, and it's waiting for you to take it for a spin. Let's make our systems not just reliable but indestructible!